Sunday, June 5, 2011

A journey through time

Seems like time is just a number, a date that passes by each day making life a day shorter and existence a minute  lesser. We go through our daily routine, whether if it's university or work, so caught up in what we're doing as it is the thing that seem most meaningful at this point in time. I sometimes sit and wonder, asking myself  things about the future, but the only conclusion that I could be definite about is, I have no idea. Uncertainty and the hazy path of the future does scare me a little bit, but i guess it also is also the best part of it all. What would life be if you knew what was coming your way and everything was predictable? Words such as Passion, Motivation and Fear would never have existed in our dictionaries. Guess I can only wait for the future to come my way to find out.

Beauty of life, xoxo.

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