Thursday, December 16, 2010

I use to say I and me, now it's us, now it's we.

Christmas is just around the corner and I have yet to start on any of my Christmas shopping.
 Not good at all. Christmas feeling this year seems to be lacking for some weird reason. Hope it all settles in real soon. Looking forward to a great Christmas filled with classic Jim Reeves Christmas carols, a tummy full of Sputnik and Sugee cake and a year supply of joy and laughter from all the loved ones. My boy's leaving for the states to continue his studies real soon. I sincerely wish him the best because I know that's what he's be working for all this while. But I'm gonna miss you. so much. You and me, the memories we've had, too many to even remember. We've been through the high's, and of course, the low's, it was tough but i'd do it again with you because I know that was what made us how we are today. 

ily b, xoxo

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